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Prepare For Leadership, From farm boy to Times Square

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“Prepare for Leadership, from farm boy to Times Square”

By: Nile D. Ramsbottom

God Cares founder, Nile Ramsbottom, shares his personal journey of business success and lessons learned through times of struggle. After rising from manager trainee to become one of the top officers of Ralston Purina, Nile was fifty-five and unemployed following a company buyout. Within ten years of that low mark in his career he had built a company surpassing his former iconic employer in annual earnings and played a lead role in the creation of the biodiesel industry. He then directed the nascent industry from three million gallons of biodiesel production a year to over a billion gallons annually in just over a decade. Nile’s story of one man’s impact on American industry is not just impressive and inspiring, but historic.

A perfect example of discovering your purpose over time…Gary Baker at Arete HPA

Watch Nile Ramsbottom discuss Prepare For Leadership on STL TV on YouTube:

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